EVY Professional EVY QUAD-TEC Brush 53m

$24.95 inc. GST

The EVY PROFESSIONAL Quad-Tec Brushes have been created by stylists for stylists to ensure superior quality and performance and to provide the perfect brush!
Handmade in Korea with a unique Quad-Tec combination of carbon, ceramic, twisted bristle and concave barrel features for the ultimate brush for both professional and home use.

Twisted nylon bristles for extra grip and no slipping whilst gently massaging the scalp.
Mineral infused bristles to emit ionic energy for smoother shinier brushing, eliminating static and fly away hair.
Carbon and Ceramic coated barrel provides faster drying and styling.
Concave shaped vented barrel retains heat for faster drying with better tension for extra volume or smoothing.
Super lightweight comfortable styling.
Soft touch rubber handle for ergonomic smooth handling and comfort.

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