Kitoko Converter 1000ml

$15.95 inc. GST

Converter Instantly Change Any Permanent Hair Colour to Tone-on-Tone
This unique product is for the salons that do not stock a full
Tone on Tone colour (e.g. Satin)
ASP CONVERTER can be used with any permanent colour shade other than
HIGH LIFT colours.
If you carry out a lot of tone on tone work ASP recommends that you use ASP SATIN for a full Tone On Tone service.
? Unique conversion concept, changes permanent colour to tone on tone effect
? Doubles the value of your permanent colour stock
? Your permanent colour range now becomes your tone on tone range
? Ideal progression from tone on tone to permanent colour (same shade)
? Works on any permanent tint
? 20-25mins developing time
? Highly effective stock control 2 products from one range
? Keeps stock value down

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