NAK Platinum Blonde Shampoo 375ML


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A concentrated platinum toning shampoo.
Stronger than Nak Blonde Plus Shampoo.
Recommended for all blondes, super lightened white and grey hair.

Nak Platinum Blonde Anti Yellow Shampoo is a concentrated platinum toning shampoo ideal for cool and platinum blondes. This strong, toning shampoo is powered by platinum blue, anti-yellow pigments.

Key Actives:

Aloe Vera Extract  Aloe Barbadensis
Cools, calms and hydrates dry or dehydrated hair and skin.
COLLAGEN AMINO ACIDS A foundation protein infusing strength and stability to blonde hair.
CHITOSAN Corrects moisture balance, naturally infuses body volume and shine. Controls frizz, protecting hair from against outside humidity
SEA KELP EXTRACT ? FUCUS VESICULOSUS A rich source of B group vitamins, infusing hair and skin with essential trace elements and minerals.
SEA ALGAE Rich in vitamins and sea minerals, restoring condition to hair and skin.SEA MOSS ? EUCHEUMA SPINOSUS
Rich in Iodine and Magnesium infusing natural amino acids and nutrients to correct moisture balance.
BLADDERWRACK FUCUS VESICULOSUS EXTRACT A sea botanical concentrated in vitamins and sea nutrients balancing skin hydration and essential conditioning control.
GLYCERIN A vegetable based humectant combating dryness and dehydration and corrects moisture balance.
MICA A natural mineral ingredient, providing a pearlescent shine and lustre to the hair surface.
TITANIUM DIOXIDE A natural mineral which screens harsh UV light, protecting hair from colour fade.

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