Arctic Blonding Creme 7.5%


Arctic Blonding Cr?me rich in Argan and Acai Oil provides antioxidant and anti-aging protection for the hair and skin. Aids in the prevention of moisture loss and supports controlled lightening to maintain hair strength and porosity, preserving hair and scalp.

The rich Arctic Blonding Cr?me combined with Arctic Developer Cr?me counteracts unwanted yellow tones for clearer blonde results. Ideal for on scalp application and lightening techniques, foils, highlights, balayage or freehand application.

Up to 7 levels of lightening
1 Step Double Action Toning System (cr?me & developer)
Argan and Acai Oils for the ultimate in hair and skin protection
Aids in moisture loss
Controlled lightening
Mixing ratio 1 + 1 or 1 + 2 to suit all lightening techniques
Maximum 50 minutes processing time
Dedicated Arctic Creme Developers 4.5% & 7.5

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