Wahl Cleaning Kit




Make your Wahl Clippers last longer with this Wahl Clean and Oil Kit. This kit features 3 clippers care essentials: a cleaning brush, a bottle of Wahl Blade Oil, and a cleaning and disinfecting spray.

The Blade Oil keeps the blades lubricated to prevent faster wear and tear so that your blades last longer. Use the Wahl Clini-Clip Spray to clean and disinfect the blades with the Blade Oil for best results. The Wahl Clini-Clip Spray is vital for your blades and kills germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms while reducing friction and heat and protecting the blades from wearing down.

The cleaning brush makes it easy for you to brush away extra loose hair and prevent hair clogging. A storage/carrying bag is included to keep all your Wahl Clippers maintenance essentials in one place.


  • 3-piece cleaning kit with cleaner & disinfectant spray, blade oil, and cleaning brush
  • Wahl Blade Oil keeps blades in good working condition and prevents wear and tear
  • Wahl Clini-Clip Spray disinfects and kills germs, bacteria, and other detrimental microorganisms
  • Cleaning brush removes loose hair to avoid clogging the clippers and to keep them clean
  • Comes with a small carrying/storage bag for your convenience
  • Ideal for all Wahl pet hair clippers to maintain your blades and clippers

Kit Includes:

Cleaning Brush

1 250mL bottle of Wahl Clini-Clip (cleaner and disinfectant spray for clipper blades)

1 118.3mL bottle of Blade Oil (for all Wahl clippers)

Small carrying/storage bag

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